West Texas Food Allergy Support Group

Welcome to the West Texas Food Allergy Support Group Webpage!

This group is intended to be a resource and forum for food allergy information for individuals, parents, educators, child care workers, and medical professionals.

Please contact Dr. Wolbert for topic suggestions, dates, and times that you would be able to meet!

If there are specific ideas or topics that you have for this group, please contact us to get on the agenda (email address below).  If you have not yet done so, please submit your email address to receive updates from the West Texas Food Allergy Support Group.

A huge THANK-YOU for those that have been able to attend our support group meetings!  Your feedback and insight has been invaluable.  

1. Education for food allergic individuals and the community.
2. Promote awareness of food allergy.
3. Provide support for home, schools, daycares, and other such environments.

Inception date July 9, 2010.

All web content is moderated by Dr. Miguel P. Wolbert, Pediatric Allergy and Immune System specialist in Midland, TX.  For information, questions, or to help with the success of this group, please contact Dr. Wolbert at miguelwolbert@gmail.com.